Video (SLCSS)


Digital Cable TV

Lifeline  $20.00 * $6.00 equipment fee also applies 

Lifeline & Expanded $90.00/month

Additional Set-top or HD Boxes $5.00 each/month

Installation includes set-up for 2 boxes  each additional box would be charged time and materials.

HD – High Definition  $14.00/month

  • 50+ Channels (includes local channels) Click Here for HD Channel Line-up
  • HD Movie Channels included when you subscribe to HD & corresponding premium movie package.

DVR Digital Video Recorder  1st DVR  $7.00/month

Additional DVRs  $8.00/month

  • Easy to operate. Watch one program & record another at the same time. Pre-program favorite shows in advance. 

Digital Movie Packages

HBO (6 Channels)  $18.99
Showtime (11 Channels) $12.99
Cinemax (4 Channels) $12.99
STARZ (12 Channels) $12.99 Click Here for Movie Channel Line-up

Save on Movie Packages: 2 or more $2.00 credit – 3 or more $5.00 credit

Digital TV Instructions, Click here for Digital TV Guide

$5 credit on Internet with Digital Cable.

Acceptable Use Policy