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Voice (NW)


Telephone line – all incoming calls are FREE but all outgoing calls would be charged long distance if out of our local calling area (New Windsor – 667; Viola – 596; Alpha 529 + 629; Sherrard – 593 and North Henderson – 464 are all local calling areas). No charges on a 911 call. Toll Denial (No long distance) can be added to the telephone line for $2.99 per month.

Safety line – all incoming calls are FREE. All outbound calls are billed at .15 per minute for local calls or .15 + long distance calling rate for long distance calls. Calls to 911 and 667-2712 are FREE of charge. All outbound calling except 911 and 667-2712 can be restricted by request. Only available with Internet or Digital Cable TV Services.

Calling Features

Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Speed Calling, Caller ID, Caller ID Call Waiting, Distinctive Ringing, Automatic Callback, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Call Forward Remote Access, Fine Me Follow Me and additional features available.


Local Calling without toll charge

Alpha (529 & 629); North Henderson (464), Sherrard (593) and Viola (596)



Stay in Touch for Less –  8 ¢ a Minute Long Distance with no monthly fee

8 ¢ anywhere in the US*, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada**

* Alaska 12 ¢ a minute   ** Canada (867 area code) 22 ¢ a minute

For New Windsor Cable TV LD Terms and Conditions, Click here.



TRIO 12 cents – 12 ¢ per minute with no monthly fee effective July 1, 2010 

For TRIO Terms and Conditions, Click here.