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Internet (SLCSS)



25Mbps Down / 5Mbps Up
* Save $5 with Digital Cable



50Mbps Down / 15bps Up
*Save $5 with Digital Cable



75Mbps Down / 25 Mbps Up
* Save $5 with Digital Cable

100 MBPS


100Mbps Down / 50Mbps Up
*Save $5 with Digital Cable

  • Always on connection
  • NO Caps!
  • Questions – our technicians are here to help you
  • Wireless Router available – Additional Set up fee maybe charged at installation
  • Full Symmetric Speeds available for an additional $20/mo
  • Custom speeds are available — Call our office for pricing

Wireless Router only $3.99 monthly per month. This fee includes the wireless router, technical support and replacement of wireless router due to lightning/power surge.

$5 credit on Internet with Digital Cable.


FCC Open Internet Rules, Click Here


New Windsor Cable TV, Inc Acceptable Use Policy, Click Here.